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A chef knife is necessary for every household. These knives perform multiple tasks from cutting, slicing, chopping and also dicing. It is therefore very important to be very select when it comes to choosing the best chef knife.


A chef knife should be light. This is so as not place too much weight on the user’s wrist to prevent tiring out quickly. A light chef knife is good for speed and precision. The materials used for making the knife determine the overall weight of the knife. Aluminium and titanium are usually light while steel is somewhat cumbersome.


The blade

The chef knife should have a strong and durable blade so as to avoid deforming. These knives are multipurpose therefore the blade should be strong enough to endure such tasks.

The blade should also be full tang. This means that the blade extends all the way to the handle of the knife. The blade is embedded in the pieces of the knife’s handle.Full tang blades are strong and versatile. They allow for a good gripping of the knife. A full tang allows for good balance and leverage capabilities. It also prevents bending of the knife at the knife’s edge. Half tangs are usually weak and are prone to bending with time due to the application of stress on them.

A blade made of stainless steel is good because it is corrosion resistant, has decent edge holding capabilities and fairly easy to resharpen. Carbon steel is also good for a chef knife because of its toughness.

Apart from that, the blade should be broad. The size of the chef knife matters because it is easy to handle and maneuver while using a wider and longer chef knife.

The blade should be made of a material that is not prone to scratches.


The handles

A chef knife should have a wide handle for a comfortable grip. The handles offer an area of gripping the knife. Therefore, they should be strong enough. Triple-riveted handles offer a good balance for the knife.

A good chef knife handle should not be metallic. Metals are good conductors of heat, and as humans, we are prone to forgetfulness and confusion. One can put the knife on a hot pot by mistake. Wooden handles are durable, comfortable for grips and are found in many varieties. Aluminum handles are usually cold to touch.

The handle should not be made from a material which is susceptible to scratches. Aluminium and titanium are light in weight but are prone to scratches. Bone handles are beautiful but crack and discolor easily.


This piece of cutlery’s hilt should be solid, easy to clean and well joined. This is to prevent breeding of bacteria on the knife.


Chef knives are prone to breakage if mishandled. They should, therefore, be used for the right purpose. A chef knife is a home investment that is used daily for one’s cooking. Therefore one should select a good quality knife that is durability and reliable. The knife should be handled and stored carefully to avoid injuries.


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